Wednesday, October 24, 2018

eShop Explorers: Monster Loves You! Review

eShop Explorers: Monster Loves You 

Written by Joe BenBella

Have you seen the amount of games released on the Nintendo eShop every week? The number is staggering. Much like the PSN, and Steam before that, Nintendo’s eShop is quickly becoming a non-curated mess of games. Although there is no doubt that bigger titles are going to be easily searchable, the games that do not already have some hearsay behind them are going to find it hard to not get swallowed up in the mass of titles released on the platform every week. To help somewhat alleviate this, we are going to look at smaller titles (hopefully once a week) on the Nintendo eShop and give you our thoughts. There is no doubt that we will come across some titles that you should avoid, but hopefully we will also stumble across some hidden gems. 

For this week we are looking at Monster Loves You, developed by Dejobaan Games and published by Radial Games. Monster Loves You released on Nintendo Switch at the end of this past September and has been available on other platforms since Spring 2013. Monster Loves You is more like a choose your own adventure novel rather than an actual game. There is not too much gameplay to be found in Monster Loves You, but rather, reading and selecting responses to certain scenarios. Your story begins at the start of your monster’s life cycle, and from the minute your're born the game presents you with scenarios that will build or damage certain personality traits depending on how you respond. For example, my slime baby monster witnessed another slime baby monster who was injured and unable to make it. I could have ignored the monster, ate it, or gone to comfort it as it was dying. I decided to comfort it and for this my monster’s “Kindness” grew. Had I chosen to eat the monster I would have probably gained “Ferocity” and ignoring it would have most likely netted me nothing. Players will play through their monster’s infancy, youth, and adulthood before being asked if they would like to try their hand at becoming an elder or absorbing the stats they have built up into a slime ball to place it in a baby monster and go through the steps of life again. To be accepted as an elder, players will need to have mastered certain traits, and although you will have to commit to a certain personality trait to master it, I had no problem becoming an elder on my first playthrough. After becoming an elder, your influence will begin to shape the hearts and minds of your people as to if they should try and understand and build peace with humans, or if they should fear and fight humans to protect monsters. These decisions are a bit meatier, as they will require stat checks to see if you can have such influence over the community. 

Consequences to your choices throughout the game are very predictable, and it was a little too easy to develop the type of monster that I wanted to have by the end of the game. Speaking of that, it only took me maybe an hour to get through my entire first playthrough. Unless someone is really invested in this world, and curious to see some other outcomes in the scenarios they come across, do not expect too much replay value here. Monster Loves You is not a game that I can recommend to an adult looking for a new game to play on their Switch. The game is obviously geared for a younger audience, and I think that this could be fun for kids, or parents who want to read along and play with their kids. If you are interested, the game is reasonably priced at $10, but unless you think you will revisit the title more than once. It may be in your best interest to wait for a potential sale.