Friday, March 17, 2017

Nintendo Switch Production Doubling, “At Least” 16 Million Units Before March 2018

In response to the demand from consumers, a report from The Wall Street Journal says Nintendo is expecting to double its production of the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is now in the hands of players everywhere as the system made its debut two weeks ago, and while the system has already reached solid numbers in its debut, Nintendo seems to be looking to expand its production of the console to meet the vast demand from consumers.

In a report from The Wall Street Journal (via according to sources “briefed on the plan,” Nintendo is preparing to double its previously-planned production of Nintendo Switch units in the fiscal year ending in March 2018. Previously, Nintendo was planning to produce 8 million consoles through the year, but the new production estimate has now been raised to “at least” 16 million units to meet the higher-than-expected demand from consumers.

Due to the demand from consumers already seen since the console’s launch, Nintendo has raised its estimates for sales during the system’s first year to 10 million units in the next fiscal year. Nintendo, however, has not confirmed or announced any official plans outside of The Wall Street Journal‘s report, so these figures should be taken with some grain of salt.

Despite this, early estimates for the Nintendo Switch’s sales during its first few weeks have put the system at 1.5 million units, and also put the Nintendo Switch as the fastest-selling console in Europe and the Americas since its launch two weeks ago.