Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda Character Profiles

Dossier: Alec Ryder

Born on the earth in 2129, Alec Ryder claims that his love for the new frontiers was powered by a childhood on the Sierra Nevada.

According to reports, joined the military service of the alliance and was subsequently assigned to the historic shipment of Jon Grissom through the portal of charon.

His experience made him a perfect candidate for what would soon become the pery training on earth, then your military career continued, taking part in the battle of shanxi, during the war of the first contact with the turian.

Assigned to the citadel at the end of the decade 2160, Alec has started to take an interest in the field of artificial intelligence, as evolutionary tool of the human species.

Dossier: Cora Harper

Lieutenant Cora Harper is a human biotic, EX-Officer of the alliance of systems. It's been moved, through the council of the citadel, the programme Valkyrie, a section of the military forces of interspecies council. She subsequently worked between the asari of commando unit.

The skill of biotic Cora and his experience from Slayer LED Alec Ryder chose it as a vice-Official, and papabile successor in the role of pioneer.

Cora joined the Systems Alliance to train her powerful biotic talents, eventually transferring to an asari commando unit before joining the Andromeda Initiative as Alec Ryder's second-in-command. Professional and loyal, Cora knows the rules well enough to bend them if necessary, lending huntress tactics and her biotic strength to the Pathfinder's mission.

  • Name: Lieutenant Cora Harper
  • Species: Human
  • Origin: Spaceborn
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 61kg
  • Known Affiliations: Systems Alliance, Talein's Daughters, Andromeda Initiative
  • Nicknames: None
  • Combat Roles/Strengths: Biotic Commando, Operations Specialist
  • Favorite Weapon: Shotgun
  • Favorite Biotic/Tech/Other Ability: Biotic Charge
  • Famous Quote: "When your biotics are honed into huntress-grade weapons… people can be weird about it."

Dossier: Liam Kosta

Liam Kosta is a specialist in human security and prevention threats, with a civilian tactical training.

Liam is entered in the faculty of engineering at the university, which he then abandoned to enlist in law enforcement, and later joined the advanced Personal Multi-species of research and prevention of threats.

Its different skills made him a prominent candidate, and it was indeed chosen by Alec Ryder in person for being part of the pioneer team.

A crisis response specialist with civilian tactical training, Liam learned of the Andromeda Initiative after meeting former Alliance personnel at a "post-hostility relief action." His multi-disciplinary skills set him apart, and Liam was hand-picked to support the Pathfinder team. He’s an idealist, willing to take risks for the good of the Initiative.

  • Name: Liam Kosta
  • Species: Human
  • Origin: Born: London, England, Earth. Split residence: Citadel, Earth
  • Height: 183cm
  • Weight: 88kg
  • Known Affiliations: HUS-T1 (Earth’s contribution to a multispecies civilian crisis response effort), Andromeda Initiative
  • Nicknames: None
  • Combat Roles/Strengths: Close range fighter, using his jump jet to move quickly, usually towards the target
  • Favorite Weapon: Overclocked Dual Omni-blades
  • Favorite Biotic/Tech/Other Ability: Havoc Strike. Liam leaps forward with his omni-blades to stun enemies and prime them for combo detonations.
  • Famous Quote: “I believed in a new beginning. Still do. I have to. We're in it.”

Dossier: Scott Ryder

Born on the space station citadel in 2163, Scott was informally trained by his father, the n7 Alec Ryder.

Scott enlisted in the military service of the alliance of the systems, and it was soon assigned to an outpost in the vicinity of the station arcturus, of guard at the gate 202.

As one of the main streets towards arcturus, this portal leads to space contended, and for this he has a bad reputation. Scott it was up to the task of defending arcturus, but he also had a front row seat " on whoever goes through the portal in search of fortune and glory.

Dossier: Sarah Ryder

Born on the space station in 2163 Citadel, Sara has been informally trained by her father, the n7 Alec Ryder.

Sara has enlisted in the military service of the alliance of systems that, after the discoveries on mars, continues to seek prothean technologies.

It's been chosen as a support to researchers prothean, and Sara often describes the emotion in working with scientists of the calibre of Mateus Silva, always on the verge of a great new discovery.

Dossier: Sam

The first neural implant for pioneers was created by Dr. Ellen Ryder, pioneer of research on the biotic plants for humans.

While the biotic plants need to concentrate the electrical impulses of the nervous system, the installations of the pioneer make a step forward, and not only to the nervous system, but also to the movement, the endocrine system and the sensitivity esterocettiva.

Connected to an artificial intelligence, the plants reveal the full potential. Become a bipolar connection, allowing a full analysis of the physical and mental state of the owner of the plant, as well as to allow him to create and alter the electrical impulses that travel through the neural network.