Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mass Effect: Andromeda New Screens & Details

This vehicle is called the Nomad. It's like the Mako from the first Mass Effect, except it controls better and doesn't have any offensive weaponry. Rather than create two different combat systems – one for on-foot and one for vehicles – the team at BioWare decided refine just the third-person gunplay. The planet the Nomad is driving across is Elaaden, a scorching (and optional) desert world. 

Scanning is a big part of your progression. As you explore, you scan objects like lifeforms and technology, and that information fills out your codex and gives you more info on the world. However, it also feeds into the crafting system, unlocking new recipes for weapons and armor. 

If you like throwing gouts of flame, you aren't restricted to a particular class. Because of Andromeda's flexible skill system, Ryder can learn any ability, and isn't locked into a single progression tree. This capability is unique to Ryder as the Pathfinder; other party members fill more traditional roles.