Sunday, October 23, 2016

Skyrim Monopoly Announced for March 2017

Merchoid, The video game merchandise specialist, has announced that Skyrim Monopoly will be released in March 2017. The game will be modeled on the classic, fast dealing property trading game, but will incorporate characters, locations and lore from the Skyrim game, which is due a HD re-release later this year and was just shown on the new Nintendo Switch. The Skyrim Monopoly game is available to preorder from Merchoid now for £34.99/€51.99/$47.99.

Skyrim Monopoly isn't the first videogame themed Monopoly game; previous Monopoly games have been based on Fallout, Street Fighter, Assassin's Creed and other popular titles. Merchoid's Community Manager Jessica Adams says of the upcoming game "Whether your plans are to set up villages in Riverwood, build up towns Winterhold or construct huge castles in Windhelm, get ready to unleash your inner entrepreneurial spirit as you lay claim to some of the most valuable plots in Tamriel. You'll soon be shouting "Fus Ro Deal!" as you bargain your way to success."

The HD remake of Skyrim is due for release on October 28th; Skyrim Monopoly will be available from retailers in March 2017. Skyrim Monopoly is available to preorder from now.

Key features of Skyrim Monopoly

  • New Monopoly game based on the Skyrim videogame
  • Available to preorder from now for £34.99/€54,99/$49.99
  • Features characters, locations and lore from the Skyrim game
  • Link to game here
  • Releases March 2017